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Our goal for you is simple.

Become an expert at marketing your crops

From beginner to professional

Agrihound will expand your knowledge around hedging tools, and more importantly, increase your profits.

Try AgriHound’s
option simulator!

If you’re looking for a tool to better understand calls and puts, then look no further. Our simulator is basic, clean, and easy to use.

Give it a try!


Contract Library

Whether you sell to three, four, or eight different elevators, you will be able to test, add, and edit all contract types for an overarching marketing profile.

Contract Management

No more surprises when it comes to marketing your crop. You will have all the data and information you need in one, easy to use, sophisticated platform.

Real Time Alerts

Patience is a virtue. It shouldn’t be a necessity. Stop logging into multiple accounts - we will keep you updated with real time notifications.


Everyone has a simulator. Ours is better - just try it and we are confident you will agree.

Share Screen

One of AgriHound’s underlying questions is, "how can we make grain companies and farmers more efficient?" We bring you: share screen capabilities.


AgriHound is an independent platform partnering with grain companies to solve one major problem;

Most farmers do not know the breadth of different hedging tools available or how to use those tools, simply due to lack of efficient education around them. Until AgriHound. We know the more comfortable you are with the tools available, the better marketer you will be. We’ve combined sophistication with ease of use to give the farmer the best educational and risk management experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AgriHound affiliated with a grain company?
No. We are an independent company helping farmers become better marketers. We feel this is extremely important because you don't sell to just one grain company, so why should you only be able to work with those contracts?
If my grain company doesn’t want to subscribe to AgriHound, can I still use the platform?
Of course! We will add your grain company’s contract types for you for a small monthly subscription fee.
I am a grain company. How do I sign up with AgriHound to provide my customers with your platform?
Please contact us at
Why us?
We know farmers are great at raising large crops. We also know farmers hate clunky software. The good news is, so do we. That is why AgriHound is extremely user friendly and laser focused on marketing crops. We fill the educational gap when it comes to marketing and help farmers become more comfortable with the hedging tools available to them.
AgriHound is also here for the grain companies; we want to help enhance their customer’s experience which requires zero in-house development or heavy lifting, saving grain companies tremendous time and money.

Become An Expert
Grain Marketer

Get in touch.

Have questions or need some help don’t hesitate to contact us